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The Nigerian Journal of Oil and Gas Technology (NJOGAT) will address all issues that bother on all aspects of national development and especially Oil and Gas exploration, exploitation and utilization in Nigeria.

The Journal is open to academic articles of theoretical and empirical nature which address qualitative and quantitative studies.

Our Mission

The mission of NJOGAT is to provide a platform for the dissemination of scholarly information on oil and gas related issues.

Our Vision

The vision of NJOGAT is to become an acclaimed international journal devoted to providing solutions to problems associated with oil and gas management globally through academic research and publication.

Editorial Team

The Editorial team of NJOGAT is comprised of highly resourceful academics who have distinguished themselves in their various specializations especially in Oil and Gas related disciplines. There are also consulting editors drawn from various universities in Nigeria and abroad with tested academic prowess.

The Editorial Board of NJOGAT is headed by the Editor- in-Chief (Prof. N. S. Okoroma, Mobile: +2348033404448) and closely supported by the Editor (Engr. Dr. C. P. Ukpaka, Mobile: +2348067519141).

Our Business

Nigerian Journal of Oil and Gas Technology was established primarily to focus on the activities of the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria. This is with a view to better appreciate the problems associated with the industry and to profer solutions through academic research and the dissemination of such solutions for the use of the relevant stakeholders.

The journal is funded by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) which makes its services to be rendered free of charge. Articles are processed and published for contributors without any charge whatsoever. However, this may be reviewed if the funding pattern changes in the future. Leveraging on the platform of the journal there is a possibility to embark on some conferences on Oil and Gas as a way of further encouraging research in tertiary institutions as well as sourcing papers publications.




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All interested contributors are requested to submit well researched papers in their various area of specialization. Each contributor can submit three different papers which will be placed in various volumes of the Journal.

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